Historical and Institutional Analysis in Economics: The Case of Analytic Narratives

I will participate in two weeks as a keynote speaker in the Interdisciplinary Symposium organized by the University of Corsica. The symposium features a track “Interdisciplinarity in economics” which, as its name indicates, is devoted to interdisplinary issues in economics. My presentation will be about an important topic for institutional economics: the so-called “analytic narrative” methodology applied to institutional analysis. The core principles of the analytic narrative approach have been laid out in the collective book Analytic Narratives written by economists and political scientists. Within economics, the work of Avner Greif is the most significant use of analytic narratives to study economic institutions, specifically the organization of economic exchanges in medieval economies. See his book Institutions and the Path to the Modern Economy.

I have not written the paper corresponding to the presentation yet, but I have an old JOIE paper on a tightly related topic. The slides of the presentation are available here.

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